Cross Trade
Whereas most British companies involved in international trade are either importing or exporting, international trade often involves movements which, although contracted here, involve shipping between countries other than the UK. Such movements are known as Cross Trade which are now common thanks to the advancement of globalisation.For example, we recently moved consignments for a British company by air and sea from China to the United States on a DDP basis (Delivered Duty Paid).Quantum can arrange your cross trade movements with the same efficiency as that applied to UK movements.RORO (Roll On Roll Off)
This simply refers to the method by which vehicles and machinery are loaded onto shipping vessels for transport overseas.Some shipping routes around the world do not offer a Ro-Ro service due to various vessel and port restrictions (RoRo vessels require specialist port handling service). In these instances vehicles can just as easily be shipped in sea freight containers – vehicles are driven into a container, secured and shipped on a container vessel.Outsized: We can also offer shipping of outsized vehicles such as coaches, civil engineering plant, trucks and almost any other wheel or track based vehicl.